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Hanging out with characters from alice in wonderland and haruhi by sammizu0
Hi!Long title, I know.
Favorite character from alice in wonderland
Favorite character from haruhi suzumiya
HaruhiSlaps you
YukiActs overly silly
MikuruGives you a present
ItsukiDoes favors for you
KyonProposes marriage to you
TsuruyaTries to make out with you
AsakuraMakes sex jokes in front of you
Kyon's sisterAsks you questions
ShamisenReads a story to you
You want to go to
So you end upat a friend's house
This happens on this dateAugust 7, 2037
AliceGives you a present
Alice's sisterDoes favors for you
Alice's momAsks to spend the night
Alice's auntMakes passes at you
HamAsks you questions
FionaTries to make out with you
FaithMakes passes at you
White RabbitMakes passes at you
DormouseMakes jokes
The tweedlesTells you to do stuff
The caterpillarAsks to spend the night
do you go to resturaunt?
Do you tell kyon's sister your opinions?
Do you want to go to the store?
Do you want to play games with alice?
Do you want to play truth or dare with the white r
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